How is it that I am getting paid to have fun?

The treatment area: Nevershine Hallow

This internship is getting better all the time! The people I work with respect me and my opinion and trust me to do my job and do it well, what a great feeling. The highlight of this week was when I was asked to do a clearance for a project that the Cedar City BLM office was working on. I got paid to go for a hike and write down everything that I saw, plants, animals, and how the landscape is being used by them.

A burrowing owl, some of the Wildlife that I get to "Watch For."

It almost seems like I am somehow cheating the system. How is it that I am getting paid to have fun? I got to write a paper with recommendations for the use of the treatment area and work with GIS to make a map of the area, I am stoked to use my skills to manage the land that I love.

In the next few weeks I will get to search for sage grouse, learn how to transport the endangered Utah prairie dog and spend a few nights out searching for night hawks.
All work and no play!? Absolutely not! I have the best of both worlds.

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