The time has come, the time is now…

I have reached the end of my internship in Shoshone Idaho and have had a great time working with the BLM. I have been able to participate in many fun and interesting endeavors while working here. Recently the field crew was able to go into some caves to ensure that no one has damaged them and to pick up any trash that was there. The cave that I enjoyed the most was Teakettle cave. Just as the name suggests, this cave is shaped very much like a teakettle. You enter through the spout of the Kettle which then opens up to a large round cavern with a hole in the top. This cavern was beautiful; the stream of light coming from the opening provides just the right conditions for ferns to grow and even habitat suitable for the Pacific tree frog.

Pasific Tree Frog found in Teakettle cave, ID.

This was my second internship with the Chicago Botanical Gardens and I am extremely appreciative of the opportunities that have been provided me. I really clicked with the Shoshone BLM field office and am going to miss them. I am moving on to a new and exciting job with the Utah DWR and can contribute this opportunity to the knowledge and experience I gained as an intern.  See you all in the field,  Jen

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