BAs, BEs and FOs, oh my!

I’m wrapping up my first month with the BLM at the Wyoming State Office in Cheyenne, and it has gone by quickly. I’ve spent some of my time attempting to learn the 437 (estimated) acronyms used by different programs and agencies on a regular basis.

Most of my duties consist of updating the Statewide Programmatic Biological Assessments (BAs) and Biological Evaluations (BEs) for Threatened and Endangered (T&E) Species for the BLM. These documents are then submitted to the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), so they can be used by the 10 respective Field Offices (FO) in Wyoming. Then the FOs can look to the BA or BE for each respective T&E species or SSS, along with the BO generated by the FWS so management actions can abide by land use stipulations outlined by the CMs and BMPs in the Bas or BE. That way any Agency or NGO will be aware of pertinent information, such as the ACECs, or CSUs, or if an NSO is in place.
AKS (all kidding aside), I’ve gained valuable experience and a better understanding of how the BLM manages a multitude of different land use programs while protecting T&E and candidate species. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in meetings and discussion on sage-grouse with multiple agencies as well as some additional high-profile species, including lynx, bald eagle, and gray wolves. Hopefully my next post will result in a few more completed projects and an ability to immediately understand the other 424 acronyms…

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