Biomass Days

The BLM in Cedar City Utah has given me many opportunities to learn about the diversity of work that is available. Recently I was able to attend Biomass Days in Beaver Utah. This event was gave me a chance to see firsthand the tools and equipment that is being used to combat Pinion/Juniper encroachment. There were also many speakers that discussed the exciting prospects of Bio-Char a product that is made from burning P/J without oxygen. This new product is very promising! There are multiple uses for it Bio-Char, it can be added to mulch and fertilizers as well as being compressed into pellets to be sold as charcoal. Some of the equipment that was demonstrated was the Bull hog, wood chipper, wood chip sorter, and bagging machine. I am also still monitoring the sage grouse in the area using radio telemetry, which I am becoming an expert at.

Wood chip sorter

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