Bring on the wildlife

This past month has been chock-full of desert tortoise and yellow-billed cuckoo surveys and I have decided there are few ways I would rather spend my work day ūüôā ¬†The long hours of crawling up rocky cliffs¬†and¬†maneuvering¬†through spiny brush is instantly worth it the moment you find that elusive tortoise deep in its burrow or hear the distinct call of the cuckoo high up in a sycamore tree. ¬†Along with our wildlife adventures, Annabelle and I jumped on the opportunity to get certified in All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)¬†driving,¬†which we have been looking forward to all summer!

The most important thing I have taken away from this internship is the importance of putting yourself out there and making connections.  A little initiative goes a long way and can help you focus your internship on what you are truly interested in.  I have come to love the Sonoran Desert and I look forward to living here long after this internship ends.

Happy Trails,

Emily Macklin

Wildlife Biological Technician – BLM Phoenix

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