My last week in Henderson

It has been an incredible summer, but finally things must end. I have been living here in southern Nevada for the last 5 months with my three fellow interns and we have had a great time and all got along very well. From the first two months of constant camping out in the desert that was at first freezing cold and then scorching hot, to being in the lab weighing out all of our samples, to now carrying out the data analysis and assisting our mentors in their reports. Laura, Elizabeth, and Olivia have been great coworkers and friends to me, and I am happy to have gotten the opportunity to move here and work with them.

I have learned so much during my time in this internship that I would have never thought I could so quickly. My mentors have really been great at letting us see all aspects of a research project. We went from doing the body destroying field work back in April and May all the way through to running statistical analysis on our data to be put in their publications. And this Thursday Elizabeth and I will be presenting a poster about some of our work at a conference here in Las Vegas! All of the skills I have gained from this internship will really help me in my future as I continue to pursue a field biology career. This Conservation and Land Management program has treated me so well and I am very lucky to have gotten accepted into it. I hope that all the other interns this year are having an equally great experience, and I wish you all the best of luck  🙂

Carson Moscoso

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