Monitoring All Over Colorado

The past couple weeks have been filled with more monitoring with a little seed collecting thrown in. Eutrema penlandii was the first species that was monitored and it was located on top of Mosquito pass, Hoosier pass, and a place called Cameron Amphitheater all near Fairplay, CO.  While completing Eutrema sp. monitoring at the various location I got the opportunity to talk to forest service and fish and wildlife service personnel and learn more about what they are doing in terms of endangered species as well as other projects they have going on.  After those three days of monitoring data entry was the next thing and determining sample size and if transects could be added or removed.  Then for the next week Sclerocactus glaucus was the species to be monitored down near Delta, CO.  Several established plots were monitored as well as some new locations.  The new locations were based on EOR’s that were recommended by Montrose BLM personnel that came out and helped with the monitoring.  At the EOR locations we completed a point in time survey to determine if the location had enough plants to make a monitoring plot in the future.   The next week monitoring work was completed on two species of Physaria sp. once we figured out the Oil and Gas road organization within a certain section of the Piceance Basin.  The following we was data entry as well as some seed collections.  The previously visited Leadville site had really exploded with potential collections since it was seen last.  Also, personnel from the Kremmling field office had a location scouted for Frasera speciosa which was collected as well as a Delphinium sp. and that location had other potential collection too.  All in all the past couple weeks have been very informative and successful.

Nathan Redecker

Lakewood, CO

Colorado State Office

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