Some pictures of all the Fun at the Lockeford PMC


Here I am posing as a comparison of height to the corn we grew as part of the National Soil Health Study we are doing. This is a few weeks prior to being fully mature so some of the corn ended up being over a foot taller by harvest!


My last post was not too colorful because of some technical issues, so I wanted to show you all some of what I’m doing out here, and some of the beautiful things I get to see! Enjoy!

One of my major projects at the PMC is gathering and cleaning seeds for the National Park Service and the BLM. Here I am putting seeds from Nassella pulchra (Purple Needle Grass, and let me tell you its seeds are every bit as sharp as a needle! They can go right through leather gloves!!!) through a Hammer Mill to remove the awns before we used another machine that uses blowing air and different size screens to sort the good seed from the bad and the chaff.












One of our UC Davis Plots studying different mixes of plants and what pollintors they attract through out the year


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