Working for the BLM in Carson City, NV.

I have been at the Carson City BLM district office for about 5 1/2 months now and it has quite the experience.  We started seeding the grass Poa secunda in an area that had recently had a fire go through.  Then the snow came and we were inside the office for about a month and a half doing trainings and computer work.  Eventually were able to get back into the field where we finished the seeding project and started working on invasive plant control especially of Tall whitetop.  We just recently finished a long term project that called for our team of nine interns to plant and cage 21,000 bitterbrush seedlings for deer to graze on.  With the temperatures rising and the field season in full swing, we are starting to do some weed monitoring and surveys for multiple rare plant species.  The jobs change from week to week so there is always something new to do and new places to go see.

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