Hello Blog-o-sphere,
This is my penultimate (fun word, means second to last) blog and then I will have ended my second, and final, tour with the CLM program. I will spend my last blog musing about what I have learned, how I have changed, and a few thoughts from a young “scientist.” As the year slows down, we have less and less field work to do and more office work. We are focusing on going through the herbarium back log, collecting what we can from late season seeding plants, and general housekeeping to organize physical and digital clutter. The remaining interns and I are going to create a list of tips and advice for next year’s interns to make their life easier. Simple things like making sure you add metadata to shape files and adding extra information to a voucher collected in the field will make life easier for your future self. Hopefully we can save the next interns time and frustration. Hopefully things wind down quietly and I’ll have plenty of time to job search and figure out my next step. Until next time bloggos.

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