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Hello from Provo, Utah.  Since my last post, my research has progressed with some promising results. I am preparing these preliminary results for a presentation at the Great Basin Native Plant Program (GBNPP) next month. That makes me excited, but anxious. The snow is finally gone, and I feel like we are close to starting our visits to the mountains again. We are still processing the bunch of samples that we collected during fall 2013 and this winter. One thing that I want to share is that I  appreciate that my mentor encourages me to think of new research questions to complement our experiments. I look forward to sharing this information with the research community and managers. Hopefully, my research will be a useful application for the restoration big sagebrush ecosystems.

I want to remark that I feel very thankful for all the support of my mentor and companions at the lab.  It is nice to work in a place like the Forest Service, Provo Shrub Science Lab. I am learning many things from my mentor, but the most important is how to improve every day in the things that we are doing.

Thank you CLM for this opportunity


Provo, UT

Forest Service, Provo Shrub Science Lab

Sample gardenProcessing leaves Electronic nose


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