Working hard in the Provo Shrub Science Lab

Hello everyone, following my last post, I keep moving forward with my experiments and developing our research methods, at the Provo Shrub Lab. Our results with the electronic nose are very promising. Additionally we are now receiving sagebrush samples from Idaho to analyze. And we are planning to work with some samples from the warehouses to adapt our experiments to the seed analysis. Last month I continued collecting some samples and I had the opportunity to visit the Desert Experimental Range in Southern Utah, and learn more about the Great Basin region. My advisor is encouraging me to publish our results, so I have started to work more with the data analysis. Like my previous posts, I have to say that every day I am learning more from my advisor and my companions.

Thank you CLM for this opportunity, it is a pleasure to work in such a nice place like the Provo Shrub Science Lab, and have this learning experience.


Provo, UT

Forest Service, Provo Shrub Science Lab



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I am Mexican. I recently moved to the United States. I have many years experiences working as a plant researcher in Mexico, but am enjoying very much learning about plant research in the U.S.

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