Late Spring 2014

There is enough work to be done here right now to keep 10 full time employees busy for 60 hours a week. Instead, we have 4. Time management is crucial. It is also a necessity to be dependable and accountable. We have to be able to count on each other to do what we agree will be done. As understaffed as we are, functioning as a team is the only way we can accomplish anything.

I have been out for several days on another assignment, but because we have a good team, and because we have communicated effectively in advance, we continue to get work done. Most recently, our work has focused on weeds management. This has been a bad year for Lepidium species at the Preserve (primarily L. latifolium and L. draba). We use a combination of weed management techniques to combat these infestations including grazing, mowing, and herbicide applications. Rising temperatures and increasing fire dangers create additional constraints as to how and when we can accomplish our treatments.

Overall, we are seeing excellent results in the areas we treat. The only downside is the amount of time we have to invest in these issues to see these results. I hope I will get to participate in some seed collections this season; herbicide applications are not my favorite task. Hope you all are enjoying your spring-


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