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Hello everyone.  I want to share a little bit of my research in the Provo Shrub Lab. Since the last post I continue with our experiments using the electronic nose to identify smell patterns of sagebrush subspecies. We obtained our first smell patterns of sagebrush. However I am still analyzing, receiving samples, and discussing our results. The results discussions with my mentor and collaborators are very interesting and I am learning many things about sagebrush ecosystems.  Considering that the summer is coming I am looking forward to the field application of the electronic nose. The experimenting in the field at the common gardens is the next step of our research.

I feel pleased to work in the Provo Shrub Lab and with my mentor. Provo Shrub Lab is a good and very interesting place to work. I am learning many things from my work companions. Thank you CLM for this opportunity.

IMG_20140523_134920 IMG_20140523_135234 IMG_20140523_134959



Provo, UT

Forest Service, RMRS, Provo Shrub Science Lab

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