Consumnes River Preserve

Hello Interns,

Not much is new with me.  I recently took some time off to pursue other interests (wildland fire related), but now I am back at it at the Cosumnes River Preserve.  I am still working on a NEPA/CEQA combination document for a restoration project I am responsible for.  We are creating habitat for the endangered (federally and state listed) California Central Valley-endemic giant garter snake.  These permits are incredibly tedious and time consuming documents to write.  Did I mention how massive they are?  Use your imagination.  You might think that projects designed to benefit native plant and animal species (restorations) would require less federal and state permits than say, (evil) development projects.  This is not the case.  Both types of projects require permits galore, and from a permit standpoint, both are fairly similar.  Every permit requires its own unique vocabulary.  Tomato, tomato- right? WRONG! Good times.

I enjoy when one of the other CLM interns at our field office invites me for a glorious field day of seed collection.

Cheers folks-


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