September at the Provo Shrub Lab

Hello CLM folks, I am going to talk a little bit about what we were doing during the past month in the Provo Shrub Sciences Laboratory. Since my first post, I have talked every time about our smell experiments using the e-nose.  Now, after more than 9 months, we finally took a break from Big Sagebrush smells to continue with our experiments using imageJ applied to Big Sagebrush subspecies differentiation. We are still producing data information, but apparently the imageJ seams to be a good way to analyze some physical characteristics of Sagebrush. Additionally, we starting to collaborate with the USGS to analyze some Sagebrush samples using cytometry. There is a lot of desktop work, but eventually in the next week we will be working outside in the field collecting Sagebrush volatile again. We are two weeks from the SER Regional Conference in Redmond, Oregon, which makes me feel a little bit anxious. As always said in my previous posts, my mentor is teaching me many things, but most important to me, he is inviting me to go forward and learn and explore new things.

Thank you all CLM staff for your support.


Provo, UT

USDA-Forest Service RMRS, Shrub Sciences Laboratory

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