A Change of Pace

Hello everyone!

All is well at the Caddo/LBJ National Grasslands. New news since my last post include the completion of collecting Asclepias viridiflora seed, plotting of  >600 milkweeds on the LBJ Grasslands units, and one more occurrence of a monarch caterpillar! On the other hand, the monarch migration has not been that noticeable on the grasslands. My focus will soon switch from the LBJ Grasslands to the Caddo National Grasslands located near Lodonia, Texas.


Caddo National Grasslands units located near Ladonia, Texas.

20151002_133554 Unlike the LBJ, the Caddo is part of the Blackland Prairie Ecoregion. I am looking forward to seeing if there is any variation in Asclepias composition in the plant communities when I arrive at the Caddo.

Last, but not least, I have just arrived at my hotel this evening in Austin, Texas for the Native Plant Society of Texas Symposium. The schedule for the next two days includes field trips to refuges, state and private lands, workshops, presentations, and special speakers over the native flora.


Schedule for the Native Plant Society Symposium at Austin, Texas.

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