Trading the Sagebrush for the Forest

Hey all!

This has been a great week in the Salmon, Idaho BLM office because we got to trade our normal work for the forestry tech work.


The biggest tree we found- a DBH of 67.1″


It was quite a nice break to try doing another job. The forestry work was a lot of data measurements, and it involved hiking up so massive hills with some radically steep inclines. It was tough work but we got it done.IMG_7395

And as a trade off we got to take the forestry techs out on one of our collection days. That way they could see what our job entails as well. We collected bluebunch wheat grass and we were very thankful for the set of extra hands on the site to help us with a difficult collection. They in the end, decided that they much more preferred the sanctity of the cooler temperature that the forest canopy provides, and didn’t want to be out in the open sage heat as often as we were.


It was a nice week of shared learning experiences, and a gain of new job perspective within the field office.

Hope you guys finish out the summer strong!

-Sierra Sampson


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