4 reasons why my blog is late

In the thick of summer, I am in the thick of seed collection.  The target list that my mentor and I developed consists of over 30 species and I am the only CLM intern here!  So, I had to solicit the help of some great local Youth Corps.  They work 10hr days, so with transportation that adds up to over 12hr days for me (leaving not sooo much blog time).

Reason 1. Had 12 hr work day, the majority of which was at Yaquina Head Lighthouse collecting Gaultheria shallon.

GASH_ORO80-33_B2 GASH_ORO80-33_C3DSCN1262

Reason 2. Spent a wonderful morning with my mentor schooling Youth Corps on how “mossome” nonvascular plants are!


Then my parents came to visit all the way from MD!

Dad and me

Dad and me at Cascade Head on the Oregon Coast: Where the Salmon River meets the sea.

Reason 3.  Had 12 hr work day, some of which was collecting Rubus leucodermis with a great crew.



Reason 4.  Had 2 12 hr work days, the majority of which was collecting Bromus vulgaris and carinatus as well as Elymus Glaucus.  We need 10 pounds of each species for BLM grow out, and I could not have gotten the collection started without the Columbia River Youth Corps!


I think a stonefly, on Elymus glaucus



So after a busy week and more to come, I kinda feel like this…Slime Mold and Me

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