The Weather Has Turned

Fall is upon us here in Idaho, and by fall I mean winter has come in full force. It seems like we had just one day of beautiful leaves changing color and then all of a sudden the frost hit hard.


The winter this week has given us snow up in our hills, the line being at about 6,500ft. And hitting us in the valley with no fun snow, but rather the less than stellar freezing temps of 30-40 degrees.


The weather turning has changed the way that we are starting to view the last little bit of our season. With these cool temps and precipitation the need to be properly prepared in the field is something that we are struggling with. So used to the hot summer temps that we are forgetting to add that extra layer, to pack those gloves, to trade our baseball hats for stocking caps



But with the cold weather and snow brings some absolutely breathtaking views of the mountains. It seems like a fair trade off for the cold.


-Sierra Sampson

Salmon, Idaho BLM


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